New to Iyengar Yoga?

Frequently Asked Questions

I have never practiced yoga before. What should I expect?
You will be guided through a sequence of postures, learning to stretch, strengthen and balance, with attention and awareness. You'll learn the names of the postures, key points to understand the basic configuration, and the principles of practice.

Do I need to be flexible to practice yoga?
No. The prerequisites for practice are sincerity and an open mind. If you are working with an injury or a health concern, please inform us when you register and let your teacher know before class.

What should I wear?
Shorts or leggings and a t-shirt. Clothing should be freshly laundered, modest and comfortable.

What if I arrive late to class?
Please enter quietly and join us for the invocations. Props and mat set-up can be done after the invocations. 

What if I miss a class? 
We offer make-up classes which are to be completed within the current session. Make-up classes can be done at any other registered class. Late registrations are available.

Register for a Session or Drop-in to try a Class

Review our class descriptions and choose a level based on your experience. Not sure? Give us a call (403.457.4070). Check the schedule for days and times that suit you.

We recommend practicing daily to experience the maximum benefits- taking 1-2 weekly classes and practicing at home on other days. In the beginning, coming to class 2-3 or more times per week is recommended for learning and progression. New students may take some time to develop a home practice.

New students should arrive 15 minutes before their first class to complete a student information form.

Preparing for Yoga Practice

Arrive a few minutes early to prepare and create a quiet, inward focus
Leave your cell phone at home or in the car
Come to class on an empty stomach
Avoid drinking water or chewing gum during class
Come to class with clean hands and feet
Tie hair back and tuck in your t-shirt

"Asanas (postures) keep your body, as well as your mind, healthy and active." BKS Iyengar