Drop-In Classes

First class? Please drop in 5-10 minutes early to meet the teacher and fill out a student information form. We look forward to meeting you.

Drop-in classes provide access for the new and experienced student in learning, exploration and practice.  A 4-week practice cycle will be followed for each level of class. Week 1: standing poses, Week 2: seated poses, Week 3: back bends, Week 4: pranayama (breath work) and preparations.

Class Descriptions

Gentle Yoga: Take time to stretch, stabilize and balance. Basic postures are taken to restore and invigorate the body and mind. This class is designed for beginners and those who require foundational work with support.

Level 1: Experience the fundamental postures that promote flexibility, strength and balance. This class is designed for those who are new to yoga or would like to focus on the basic postures and principles of Iyengar yoga

Level 1-2: Relax and energize your body. Focus your mind through “meditation in action”. Continue to work on the basics and incorporate a greater variety of postures including backbends, shoulder stand and an introduction to headstand.

Level 2: Develop vibrancy and strength. Explore subtler aspects of the practice and move toward the intermediate postures. Regular inversions are practiced.

Ropes:  Explore the many ways that wall ropes (Yoga Karunta) can enliven your practice. A fun all levels class using the ropes as support, for traction and weightless inversions. Build strength and endurance and enjoy deep openings of the shoulders, back and hips using the ropes.